What is your company's role on the Nashville SC Soccer Stadium?

Pinnacle Construction Partners, LLC  was involved early on in the launch of this project in partnership with Mortenson | Messer and Business Resource Group to engage the community and ensure minority and women-owned businesses had a place at the table. We were also involved in prime contractor and subcontractor interviews to review partners' commitment to the project's 30% DBE spend goal, as well as their ability to deliver services on time and on budget. 

I'm proud of how collaborative our team has been regarding reaching the goal. This is one of the city's largest capital projects, and we are personally committed to delivering on that benchmark.

What stands out to you about this project?

I have long held the view that leadership is everything. I have a lot of respect for the way Mortenson | Messer is overseeing this project. They have the right people, the right systems and the right processes in place. The Mortenson | Messer team has been collaborative and open to our involvement. It’s a great team delivering a great product.

What does this project mean for your company and for the city of Nashville?

This state-of-the-art stadium will be a real jewel for Nashvillians to take pride in. It has garnered amazing community support.

For those of us engaged in the project, this is a great résumé-builder and an opportunity to gain expertise and learn best practices. Relationship-building and experiencing how to do things the right way—to bring about efficiencies and value—are so important.

Another great outcome for Pinnacle Construction Partners is that we've been selected as the general contractor for Nashville SC’s practice facility in partnership with Moody Nolan, a Black-owned architecture firm. We look forward to construction starting later this year.

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