Project Team Spotlight - WIC

NASHVILLE – With nearly a year’s worth of construction complete, Nashville SC’s future home is beginning to take shape. The venue’s highly-anticipated opening in 2022 is sure to be a monumental moment for Music City as we open the gates to the largest soccer-specific stadium in North America. We’re rolling out the Project Team Spotlight Series so you can hear more from the people who are making our future home a reality.

Carol Greenlee, Business Resource Group

What is your company’s role on the Nashville SC Soccer Stadium?
Business Resource Group, LLC’S role on this project is to ensure that Small, Minority, Women, and disadvantage business enterprises are given every opportunity to participate in a meaningful way on this project.

One of the things we’re most excited about is that both ownership and contractors are serious about ensuring the participation for SMWDBEs firms. The SMWDBE goal on this project is on target to be exceeded as well as the self-imposed workforce goal.

We’re investing in our community
Business Resource Group is investing in Nashville by tapping into its local small and women-owned businesses AND its workforce by identifying ALL viable opportunities for being in business and earning a livable wage. With every turn, through our outreach efforts, we are communicating those opportunities – ultimately investing in our community.

To help ensure success, every project begins with an aggressive and robust outreach plan targeting the specific markets and ensuring the plan is implemented fully. The breadth of our expertise allows us to make those necessary connections to bring together large prime companies with smaller firms. These connections don’t happen by chance. Large companies are looking for SMWDBEs to work on projects to meet requirements and SMWDBEs are looking to grow their firms. BRG knows this industry, we know how to make good matches.

More than just a project
In sharing our story, we hope to provide opportunity and inspiration, building on our great community. To all those little girls that come to the stadium, knowing women helped build this beautiful place can make a lasting impact. They may even know someone who worked on the project – maybe a neighbor or even a parent. Instilling a sense of pride by being a part of it is what it’s all about.

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