NGU Messages

Never Give Up: Messages from Fans

We asked our fans to submit messages of encouragement to our players ahead of the club’s first-ever playoff match this Friday. We displayed the messages outside the locker room ahead of tonight's match for players to read as they entered the stadium, and you can read them below, too. 

Be sure to catch the match live on ESPN 2 starting at 8 p.m. CT on Friday, Nov. 20. Fans can also listen in on ESPN 94.9, 102.5 The Game or El Jefe.

Jimmy E.

This is your time lads. Go get it.

Mark D.

Give 'em hell, blue and gold!

Alan L.

Hey - it'd be pretty cool if you won


Give em hell boys!

Hilton D.

Every MLS fan doubted you guys when you came into the league, but y'all have fought and proved you belong. Go out there and show the world who this team is and how you will never give up for the full 90 minutes. Let's get this cup!


Let's get that W boys!!!!!

Alejandro C.

Ustedes tienen la oportunidad de hacer historia entonces dejen todo en la cancha creemos en ustedes ¡Vamos Nashville!

Josue R.

Vamos Rí­os, Tu puedes #DR14



Boss H.

Great opening act guys! Let's send Inter back to Fort Lauderdale with a big L!! NGUOY!!!

Sam E.

Watching the growth and development of this team (and some players from the past years in Nashville) and going from good individual players to one unit of operation as a team has been great and I’m not ready for this season to end and this is your opportunity to be great, take it.

Zac and Ali W.

There is no one else we'd rather cheer on! You guys make us proud to be Nashville fans. Keep it up and let's get that win! Everyone N!

5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

Come on you boys in gold. (the far more superior team to enter the league this year). Congratulations boys.

Jordan W.

To the Snipee boys (Lagrassa and Washington). Go out there and do this for all the citizens of Verdansk.

The Chávez Family

You boys have been making history one game at a time. You have proven so much during this first season in the MLS! Big things await you guys! May God bless you all and keep on making Nashville proud!

Gisubizo M.

We are Nashville SC we win together and strive together
We can do this

The Nick Frazier Podcast

Keep on working! The job is not finished. We have a MLS Cup to win!! LETS GOO, NGUOY!

Oscar H.

No matter the result, we will never give up on our boys in gold. We believe!!

Terry, Sonya, Mykal, and Chayse M.


Yulig F.

Although these times have been troubling, we still move on. Nashville will play hard from dusk until dawn. In Nissan Stadium which has a beauty of a lawn. We are Nashville SC and we are marching on.

Paulen H.

Lets gooo Nashville SC!!! What a year!!!

Ruben Andrew C.

You guys have done amazing this season! I'll definitely NGUOY! Let's stay N these playoffs! Do your best boys!

Travis P.



I love Nashville SC and I'm so proud of everyone for making such an amazing first season. Y'all can do it #NashvilleSCTillIDie

Brandon T.

Guys, thank you for fighting hard this year. I run a non-profit youth ministry called Franktown Open Hearts and you all have given both kids and parents hope during these trying times. The way you all have played, has been truly amazing. So proud of you all. Management team, thank you for truly building a team of hard workers from around the globe . They truly embody the game as well as represent this community very well. Play hard, play fast, play together. We are all N with you. Go Gold!

James R.

The whole city is behind you, cheering you on to the big win! We'll never give up on you!


You guys got this! We got your back whatever the outcome is. Vamos Nashville!!

Jim K.

Thanks for giving it your all during this trying year. We love y'all!


Like Derek Jeter said, "There may be people that have more talent than you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do." You guys got this !! And many of you have a lot of talent so let’s work hard this Friday at playoffs

Payton G.

At the beginning of the season, not a single person believed in this club, not a single person could have ever predicted us making it to the playoffs, but we sure showed them why you never sleep on Nashville. They will think the same thing now, they don't think we are qualified enough to take on these playoff teams, guess we got to prove them wrong again and show them why you don't sleep on the boys in gold!!!

Katie K.

Thank you for giving this city something to be happy about in a tough year! Keep working hard, good luck!!

The Kravitz Family

English export Smith >>> Beckham.
We are already proud of you NSC and this campaign.
Go play your game.

The Grant family and Isaac

Go Dave!!!!!!!!!

Edwin H. and Rebeca F.

Let's go boys!!!! Get that W!!!

Adam Suleman N.

From the root of West Africa, I am throwing up all my love to the boys in gold...
Play for Honor
Play together
Win together
Go Nashville

Nashville Misterio!

Guys please please bring your ALL on friday let us see that u want nothing more then the W! We love u Nashville we do! Lets go!

Una fan enamorada

You guys are doing an amazing job, being this team NEW! Good job

Angel Z.

Thank you so much for the amazing inaugural season you have given this beautiful city. The whole town and I are behind you in this match and every match. You guys will not disappoint us. You are the BOYS IN GOLD! Vamos Nashville! Con huevos!

Nathan D.

Let's go boys! We are absolutely behind you guys! Let's show Miami who the best expansion team is!!!


No one believed we would get this far. But here we are.
#vamosNSC #sisepudo


Nashville SC,
What an incredible inaugural MLS season you all have had! 2020 was a rough season at times but when you all returned in August, you all played so well till the very end on decision day. Also, congratulations on making the MLS Cup Playoffs in your inaugural season as well you all really deserved it! Good luck in the match tonight and get that dub!!

Chakkra R.

As the great Michael Jordan said, ""Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."" This entire city is behind you Nashville SC. Never forget that. COYBIG!

Jacob S.

I just want to wish you guys good luck and let's make history tonight boys

Kyle P. (the nash)

You lads need to fight to reach your dreams. You have to sacrifice everything and work extremely hard to win this game. Never lose faith. Supporting all the way from the UK. Good luck.

The Maza's

Let's go boys! Y'all have come so far. Let's get this win and keep writing history! #WeNeverGiveUpOnYou #GoNashville #BeatMiami

Sam W.

Wish we could've have been there with you tonight. I'm glad there is something we can use as a positive light right now. Good luck Friday night! I'll be screaming from my couch. COYBIG!!! I'LL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU!!!

Austin B.

Ships are safe at harbor. But that's not what ships are made for. Go boldly where no Gold has gone before and take this game!

Brandon C.

Lets go boys! Keep the momentum! Keep the confidence! We will be right behind you the full 90! #COYBIG

Marterrius M.

We believe in you guys! I'm a Nashville native and this city needs a championship!! Bring it home for us! This entire state is rooting for you guys! You guys and staff mean the world to me and I'm gonna be there screaming and going crazy for every possible game! LETS GO BOYYYSSSS!!

Shelby T.

Each and every day I see you all play at my school. Each and every day your voices of love for the sports can be heard from the field. I have seen you all practice every day for weeks, even months. You are ready for this. I truly love you all so much! You got this and we are counting on you guys! See you on the other side!

Gabby A.

Cada sacrificio tiene su recompensa y con la union de equipo que an logrado, an alcansado llegar muy alto!!! Es hora de enfocarse para conseguir una victoria más!!! We love you guys!!!


It's time to make history. Do it Rios! #DR14


Thank you all for allowing me to learn about a new sport. I was excited when this team was announced as the newest MLS team because it gave Nashville life. I'll be there rooting for you all through the good and the bad no matter where I go. Good luck tonight gentlemen and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Mustang Athletics at Currey Ingram

We are fortunate to be able to witness your hard work on a daily basis! We know your hard work will pay off and are cheering for you in the playoffs. GO NSC!
from the CIA Mustangs

Danielle, Ben, Billy & Curtis

Nashville SC is #NashvilleStrong

Branden and Jennifer R.

You guys have exceeded expectations all season. We are proud to call you our team. It's time to kick Inter Miami all the way back to South Florida!

Enrique S.

Vamos muchachos ustedes puedes somos banda juntos

Hannia V.

Dear Team,
Thank you all for the ride. This season have been amazing, unbelievable. You made it to the playoffs, we want you to give us your best because we will be there giving you ours. Sending you all good vibes and positive that we will win.
Gracias por este viaje. Esta temporada ha sido maravillosa, increíble. Llegamos a las eliminatorias, y queremos que nos den todo en la cancha porque estaremos ahí dando todo por ustedes. Enviamos buenas vibras y positivos de que ganaremos.

Saul C.

Come on boys in gold!! We've got this!!! For our city and for our fans!!

Jacob S.

You have given this city hope through the adversity we have faced. No matter what, we are proud of you!!! Every ounce of gold is running through your blood!!! Bring it home boys!!! #NGUOY

Alex N.

You've already blown our expectations away! Go get em'! We've got you no matter what!

Diego A. and Family!!!

¡Vamos Con Todo Muchachos!

Justin S. and Family

You gentlemen have been wonderful for this city this season; giving us hope and strength to carry on through natural disasters and pandemics. You show us the true meaning of Never Give Up On You. This city stands behind you lads, no matter the outcome (but we know you all are going to win). Forever Blue and Gold
One Nashville Under Gold

Ryan T.

Give Nothing Take Everything #NGUOY

Jim B., Jr.

You guys have been incredible to watch. Keep up the great work and bring Nashville a championship!! Good luck!

Jesus S.

Let’s play strong boyz. Let’s show Miami what Nashville SC is made of! We need to be beast mode.

Paul W

Come on Nashville SCore some goals, it's really very simple. Put the ball into the net and we'll go...mental!!!

Harrison H.

Thank you for keeping everyone's chins up the past year. Watching NSC games has quickly become a weekly ritual! Play hard, have fun, and give em hell


Oh Nashville the ever shining sun¸ The light and passion you have cannot be extinguished. You'll succeed no matter what. Support and hope all the way from Minnesota.


Been supporting this team since the USL. Hope y'all hear how loud we can be with or without drums. The harder you play, the louder we'll get!

Espoir M.

I appreciate your hard work. You are a motivation to me. I'm ready to support you in every situation. I love and support you because I live In Nashville, but I'm sure 100% even if I can live out of Tennessee, I would have to support you cause you proved every MLS fan that you are able. Keep working in unity. On the pitch we can see that you are a team work even out. Thanks y'all for the joy you give at every single game. Nashville Oyeeeeee!!!

Tyler H.

Forever blue and gold, let's go boys! We made franchise history, now let's make MLS history! #NGUOY

Denzell B.

Nashville SC, thank you so much for making 2020 a year to remember for the right reasons. Going to the games and seeing how much you all grind and pour your hearts out for the club is so inspiring. Seeing you all commit to success in your profession inspires me to work harder in mine. Life is never easy but the toughest rise to the occasion. I have no doubt the better, tougher team will win on Friday. COYBIG!


Thank you Boys in Gold for everything you have given to this Club and this City this year! Every time you put on our crest, we are with you. No matter how far for the Gold and the Blue, I'll Never Give Up On You!

The Smith Family

From Day 1 you have shown the grit and tenacity that is true to the heart of Nashville! We are proud to call you our team! COYBIG Never Give Up! For Nashville and for each other!

Casey W.

The Walsh Family will be cheering you on from Iowa! NEVER GIVE UP! Take it to Miami!

Uncle Madd

Thank you for a great first season! Keep grinding until we lift that cup!

Andrea V.

¡Estamos muy orgullosos de ustedes! Un saludo a los hermanos centroamericanos dejando todo en la cancha. ¡Vamos Nashville!!

Erik O.

Give 100% and leave it all on the field! You have made Nashville so proud. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU!!!

Jennifer K.

They said Nashville was not a soccer town. We did not deserve an MLS team. We would not support them enough. As usual, Nashville rises. To the occasion, to the challenge, to the playoffs. Kill it boys. We've got you. No matter what, you have made this town, this club, this fan PROUD. #COYBIG #NGUOY