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Utility installation has moved to the west side of the site, and we have slightly expanded our concrete footing work on the south side. Outside of those developments, things remain relatively the same on the ground this week.

If you didn’t see last week, season tickets for the 2021 season are now officially available for purchase at or by calling 615-750-8800. More importantly, for a limited time, fans who secure their 2021 season tickets will become First String Founding MLS Members and automatically receive priority in the seat selection process and preferred pricing for your MLS stadium in 2022.

Upcoming Activities

  • NES is moving soon to install service poles for permanent electric service. This will not affect the neighborhood at all, including no potential power loss.

Ongoing Activities

  • Overnight work, including some drilling and concrete pouring, that should have minimal impact in the neighborhood.
  • Pouring, forming and reinforcing concrete footings at the south side of the site.
  • Bringing in deep foundation work equipment.
  • Less frequent rock blasting and excavation.
  • Continuing with control measures to maintain erosion and sediment and to help stormwater run-off.
  • Ground removal, excavation and offsite hauling continue with daily street sweeping on Benton Ave., Bransford Ave. and Rains Ave. near the entrances to the site. This causes light traffic at times but most of the debris is controlled on-site.
  • There is also street sweeping on Wedgewood Ave.
  • Bringing in equipment for earthwork activities remains constant.
  • Utility installation, including deep underground mechanical, electrical and plumbing work, on the southwest and west side of the site moving towards the north.

Please feel free to reach out out to with any questions you have regarding construction.

Site logistics map

Weekly Nashville SC Stadium Update: November 6 -

Major trucking routes

Weekly Nashville SC Stadium Update: November 6 -