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Thank you to everyone who joined the neighborhood town hall on Dec. 9. We love being able to speak directly to you and answer your questions in real time.

Good news on site this week: all rock blasting and major excavation is now complete! We are preparing for the concrete slab pours that will begin soon and the intermittent early morning pours that will start later this month. We have also begun erecting ADA walls.

When the early morning pours start, we will let you know the week before which upcoming days to expect them.

And speaking of real time, if you want to know what’s happening on site at any time just check out the Live Stadium Construction Camera! You can also scan the code below.

Ongoing Activities

  • Pouring, forming and reinforcing concrete footings, rakers and retaining walls on the south side of the site.
  • Backfilling the retaining wall at the southeast end of the site and installing the block retaining wall at the south end.
  • Striping and backfilling concrete slab and walls for the west elevator pit.
  • Minor excavation and offsite hauling continue with daily street sweeping on Benton Ave., Bransford Ave., Rains Ave and Wedgewood Ave. near the entrances to the site. This causes light traffic at times but most of the debris is controlled on-site.
  • Utility and distributed antenna systems (DAS) installation continue. DAS antennae make it possible for everyone to get cell service inside the stadium.
  • Drilled pier operations continue on the east side.
  • A range of deep and shallow underground work continues, including plumbing, storm install and electrical work throughout the site.
  • Pouring continuous footings, terrace footings, and player bench footings.

Please feel free to reach out out to with any questions you have regarding construction.

Site Logistics Map

Weekly Stadium Update: December 11 -

Major Trucking Routes

Weekly Stadium Update: December 11 -