Our August DJ of the Month is someone very special and near and dear to the hearts of Nashville SC: Tempo the Coyote! 

August is a peculiar month as summer nights shift to school nights, and days spent on the beach turn into days spent in the classroom. Afternoons still include the summer sunshine, but pumpkin spice has slowly taken over candle and coffee flavors. It’s a time of transition, and our favorite mascot has put together a playlist to help capture this feeling of in-between!

Considering his name is quite literally a musical aspect, Tempo is very passionate about music just like most Nashvillians. Be sure to check out his August playlist, which captures the transitional atmosphere of the looming fall season and features a wide variety of artists and genres.

Listen to Tempo the Coyote's DJ of the Month playlist on Spotify here.

Tempo the Coyote in a Snapshot: 

Biggest Musical Inspiration: Dolly Parton

Favorite Nashville Venue: It will be the new Nashville SC Stadium

Favorite Band: Judah and the Lion

Favorite Bar in Nashville: Wherever the Nashville SC Watch Party is

Favorite Colors: Acoustic Blue and Electric Gold

Socials: @TempoNSC (Twitter), @TempoNSC (Instagram and TikTok)