Meet the Fans: Steven and Maddie


NASHVILLE - When young Nashville SC fan Maddie was asked to describe her favorite Nashville SC memory, there was one sentence that summed it up.

“When he gave me his shoes,” she answered with certainty.

What was a pair of used cleats to Nashville SC midfielder Matt LaGrassa became a priceless possession to Maddie when he passed his match-worn boots from the field up to her in the stands at First Tennessee Park.

It’s memories like these that Maddie’s father Steven says strengthen his relationship with his daughter. The two share a mutual love for the game and for the club, giving them an inseparable bond that extends to the broader community that they call home.

“Nashville Soccer Club is important to me because it gives me a chance to meet new friends and people I call my family” Steven said. “[Maddie and I] are able to go to games together and do things that we might not be able to do together and even the players on the pitch with her favorite player being…”

“Matty LaGrassa,” Maddie beamed as she finished her dad’s sentence.

Nashville SC matches have become more than just a sporting event to the father/daughter duo. Because of the up-close action that soccer matches provide, Steven and Maddie have the opportunity to connect with the team. Being involved with the club as it transitions to Major League Soccer provides a unique opportunity that Steven knows they are lucky to be a part of.

“You don’t get that at any other of the major four sports here in the U.S.” Steven said. “I’ve been to baseball games, football games, college football games, NHL games and just to be able to have that personal relationship with the players and have them come over after every single game no matter win, lose or draw, it’s fantastic.”

With the promise of MLS, Steven and Maddie have their eyes set on what’s ahead. A lot will change come 2020; however, Maddie’s favorite things about Nashville SC matches will never go away.

“I like when they score goals,” said Maddie. “I like when we do the chants, and I like spending time with my family.”

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