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In 2019, a coyote wandered from the hills around Nashville into a bathroom at the Music City Center. After his moment of viral fame, he was released back into the wild, but he couldn’t seem to resist the big city. This year, construction workers at our stadium at The Fairgrounds found him dashing around, bounding from end to end where our home pitch is going to be. Tempo the Coyote loved being at our stadium so much, he decided to make it his home. Now, Tempo the Coyote has a whole band of friends to cheer on Nashville SC with every weekend!

Tempo Headshot

Name: Tempo the Coyote

Height: 7’2’’

Preferred Foot: All 4 of them

Birthday: January 13

Favorite Team: Nashville SC, of course!

Favorite Activities: Soccer, cheering on the Boys in Gold, hanging out with his friends Gnash, T-Rac and Booster, howling at the moon with his band

Least Favorite Things: Railroads, Lions

Favorite Songs: Never Give Up On You, Gold on the Ceiling, Friends in Low Places