Join Tempo the Coyote's Band!

Join Tempo the Coyote's Band!

Become a member of the coolest band in town – no musical skills required! Memberships for Tempo the Coyote's Band Kids Club are available now.


Tempo the Coyote's Band FAQs

Do I need to know how to play an instrument to join the Band?

In nature, a group of coyotes is conveniently called a band. By joining Tempo the Coyote’s Band each child will become an official Band Member led by front man, Tempo the Coyote. No music knowledge or skills required.

What ages are eligible to join Tempo the Coyote’s Band?

While there is not a hard age limit to be a Band Member, we recommend children ages 4-12 join due to the unique nature of Tempo the Coyote’s Kids Club member benefits and events.

How much does it cost to join Tempo the Coyote’s Band?

2024 Membership to Tempo the Coyote’s Band Kids Club is $55 per Band Member and includes the following:

  • Lunchbox (in the style of a concert tour case)
  • NSC Light Up Tambourine
  • Kids Club Water Bottle
  • Tempo the Coyote Sweatband
  • Tempo the Coyote Button
  • Kids Club Luggage Tag
  • Kids Club VIP Backstage Pass
  • Kids Club Custom Lanyard
  • 50% off Tempo the Coyote Appearance (1-Time Use)
  • Exclusive pre-match photo opportunity with Tempo the Coyote each 2024 regular season home match
  • Free access to Tempo the Coyote events throughout the year
  • Free “Birthday Lineup” at GEODIS Park near your child’s birthday date.

How can I purchase a Tempo the Coyote’s Band Kids Club membership?

Can I sign up a child anytime throughout the year?

You will be able to become a member of Tempo the Coyote’s Band at any point throughout the year as long as memberships remain available. There is a limited number of memberships available annually, so be sure to sign up your child early to avoid disappointment.

How long are memberships valid for?

2024 Memberships for Tempo the Coyote’s Band are season-long and will expire December 1, 2024. You will be contacted around that time with information on how to sign up for the next season.

Can I sign up multiple children at once?

Each Band Member will need their own separately purchased membership to receive full Band Member items and benefits.

What is the cancelation policy?

You can leave the band at any point, but no refunds will be provided.

How do I receive my discounted Tempo appearance?

To redeem your 50% off a Tempo the Coyote appearance please email KidsClub@nashvillesc.com.

I've purchased a membership. When can I pick up my exclusive Band Member items?

Band Packs can be picked up at all Tempo the Coyote’s Band Kids Club exclusive events, in the Team Store on select dates, and at GEODIS Park on match days.

Which Band Pack items are allowed inside GEODIS Park?

The VIP Pass, the clear Kids Club water bottles, the NSC Light Up Tambourine, the Tempo the Coyote Sweatband, and the Tempo the Coyote Button are approved to bring into GEODIS Park. Due to a league wide safety policy, the metal Road Case lunchboxes will not be allowed inside GEODIS Park on match days.

Where does the VIP Backstage Pass allow Band Members to access?

The Backstage Pass is your entry ticket for all Tempo the Coyote’s Band events including the pre-match photo in Tempo the Coyote’s Family Area by Gate G. This pass does not grant access to any premium or back-of-house areas inside GEODIS Park. Backstage Passes still require a ticket to that day’s match for entry into GEODIS Park.

What do I do with the stickers my Band Member earns throughout the year?

They are your kid’s stickers so we can’t tell you what to do with them, but we designed this year’s tin lunch box after a musician’s road case, and we encourage your Band Member to cover their lunch box with the stickers received, plus any other fun stickers they might have!

How does my Band Member earn the stickers?

Your Band Member’s road-case lunch box comes with one custom sticker already affixed to the outside of it. Six additional exclusive Tempo the Coyote’s Band stickers will be earned and distributed throughout the year. These will be available only to Band Members who attend certain key matches and events.

My Band Member missed an event. Can they still get their sticker(s)?

Yes. At the end of the season, all remaining stickers will be available for pickup for Band Members.

Who can attend Tempo the Coyote’s Band Kids Club Events?

All active 2023 Band Members can attend events with an accompanying parent or guardian.

Where can I find additional details on Tempo the Coyote’s Band Kids Club events throughout the season?

Check your e-mail to find out about the latest events and opportunities.

Still have questions? E-Mail us at KidsClub@nashvillesc.com