SuperDraft Surprise Fan Photo, 1.13.20

Behind the Scenes of Nashville SC Supporters’ SuperDraft Surprise for Jack Maher

Take A Look Back At How Nashville SC Fans Pulled Off Their Viral Moment

NASHVILLE – On Thursday, Nashville SC did something that’s never been done before.

With the second pick in the 2020 Major League Soccer SuperDraft, Nashville SC General Manager Mike Jacobs  selected Generation Adidas and Indiana University defender Jack Maher. He made the pick while standing on Maher’s front lawn with a group of supporters ready to welcome their new player to the club.

The viral moment was viewed over four million times and was shown by ESPN and Fox Sports. It caught the attention of sports fans around the globe. But how did the club and its diehard fans pull off such an incredible surprise for the first SuperDraft pick in club history?

Go behind the scenes of one of the most memorable draft picks in any sport in recent memory.

4:30 A.M. CT

Nashville SC fans rolled up to the club’s headquarters to board the bus. Despite the early wake-up, the fans were in good spirits, loaded with coffee and snacks and ready for whatever the day would bring.

Anticipation was high, despite the fact that the fans didn’t know where the bus was heading. Speculation ran rampant as the bus made the turn towards the north, and then took the exit for I-24 West.

8:00 A.M. CT

The crew of fans awoke from their brief extra slumber to stop and stretch their legs, as well as pick up some more breakfast and energy drinks. With everyone fueled up, the bus left again and traveled over the Ohio River from Kentucky into Illinois.

10:30 A.M. CT

The bus arrived in Caseyville, Illinois and hid out in a nearby hotel parking lot. While there, a producer working for MLS and ESPN gave the full rundown of what would happen at Maher’s house. Then, Mike Jacobs addressed the bus and thanked the fans for making the trip. He also told them why Maher was such a special talent and a special person.

That led to lots of brainstorming among the supporters to find the perfect chants to welcome Maher to Nashville SC. Afterwards, the fans got together to practice some chants that would be used at the top of ESPN’s broadcast.

11:30 A.M. CT

The bus pulled up to Maher’s neighborhood and approached his house, where more than 60 of his family and friends were gathered to watch the SuperDraft. As the broadcast cut to host Susannah Collins and Jacobs on the bus, the pair got off and approached the front door as the supporters followed close behind.

According to family and friends inside the house, Maher and everyone at the party began to realize what was happening when the fans got off the bus and they could see the front of the Maher house on the screen. Jacobs announced the pick, and Maher came out to greet his new GM and his new fans.

After the broadcast wrapped up, his friends and family got their new Nashville SC gear as they got to meet the Nashville fans and congratulate Maher. The emotion of the moment was significant for Maher’s parents as they watched their son become part of the Nashville SC family.

Before the fans got back on the bus to make the journey back to Nashville, Maher made sure to thank them, as well as his family and friends, for being there to support him. And, of course, everyone gathered for a Nashville SC/Maher family photo.

But the day didn’t end there. While the fans gathered at a nearby Red Robin for lunch, Maher showed up to thank them once again for making the long journey to surprise him. Maher went from table to table to shake everyone’s hand and introduce himself before re-joining his friends and family at his house.