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Nashville Hosts Impact Event at Shwab Elementary


NASHVILLE – Nashville Soccer Club hosted an IMPACT event at Shwab Elementary in North Nashville on Friday morning. While the NSC players had already made their way to Kennesaw, Ga. for their match Saturday evening with Atlanta United 2, the Nashville SC community team played soccer with the children.

With two inflatable soccer pitches set up in the gym, the community team and about 30 children worked on soccer drills and played some 3v3. All the children participating received Nashville SC jersey shirts.

IMPACT seeks to provide the opportunity for anyone to experience the game no matter their background or economic standing. IMPACT will create a safe, stress free environment for individuals to develop and build important skills, including communication, creativity, collaboration, confidence, and consideration. IMPACT hopes to encourage both positive short and long-term changes in individuals’ lives throughout Tennessee. For more information about Nashville SC’s IMPACT program, follow this link.