Vibe I Crest


Upon the heart of every kit is the crest of Nashville SC, which honors the city’s rich history of music in the form of pulsing sonic rhythms emanating from its distinctive “N.” Its flashy gold background attracts the eye, while the sonic waves reflect Nashville’s unique ability to attract the ears of the world.

Vibe I Neck Tape


The neck tape for this historic jersey echoes the connection between Nashville and music. Interconnected just as the club’s players must be on the pitch, the club’s recognizable “N” is repeated to form a soundwave along the inside of the kit. The club’s appreciation for its city’s faithful is exemplified by the neck tape’s placement inside, rather than outside; this season is to Nashville, for Nashville, and for everyone in Nashville.

Vibe I Jock Tag


Considered a place that’s proud but unpretentious, both home and away jerseys capture Nashvillians’ civic pride and authenticity in the Tennessee Tri-Star flag on the jock tag. Parallel lines embellish the bottom of both kits, celebrating Nashville as a stage for all voices who come together to inspire the world into creating greatness through diversity and collaboration.

Vibe I Launch


Ushered in by country music star Lindsay Ell at the MLS’ 25th Season Celebration and Fashion Show in New York, the Vibe 1 kit provided Nashville SC with a bold foil to their striking golden jerseys. The acoustic blue jersey with electric gold trim represents a night out in Nashville, where spotlights on darkened stages and neon signs captivate all.