Despite the rain earlier in the week, we are making steady progress on the stadium. We began installing railings in three different seating sections this week, and are continuing with many more ongoing construction activities outlined below.

  • Structural masonry work continues, along with building remaining masonry walls.
  • Installing mechanical, electrical and plumbing and continuing rough-in work.
  • Continuing wall framing and installing drywall where framing is complete.
  • Glass installation.
  • Door installation.
  • Concrete sealing.
  • Finishing floors.
  • Wall priming and painting.
  • Elevator work continues.
  • Seat installation.
  • Railing installation.
  • Continuing with control measures to maintain erosion and sediment and to help stormwater run-off. 

If you want to know what’s happening on site at any time just check out the Live Stadium Construction Camera!

Please feel free to reach out to info@nashvillescstadium.com with any questions you have regarding construction.