NSC Jessica Meyer - 1920

Guest commentator Jessica Meyer will join the broadcast at halftime of Nashville SC vs New York City FC as part of the club's Kick Childhood Cancer activations. Watch the broadcast live starting at 6:00 p.m. on NashvilleSC.com/stream.

Jessica Meyer’s story started at 11 years old when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Her entire 5th grade year she spent battling and fighting for her life. She endured chemotherapies, radiation, brain surgery, as well as a port and g-tube surgery. She is happy to say that she is now 19 years old and an eight-year brain cancer survivor! As a survivor, she has other health issues like diabetes insipidus, profound vision loss, and hormone issues. Since her journey from battling and kicking cancer’s butt, she found her mission in life is to be an advocate for kids with cancer. She learned early on to use her voice to speak for others. Jessica is attending college to further her education in the Communication Broadcasting Media Industry. Jessica is grateful that the future is ahead of her, and she can’t wait to see what it holds. She is enjoying her life every step of the way and aspires to leave glimmers of positivity along the way.