GEODIS Park Concessions Spotlight: Daddy’s Dogs 

2022.03.21 Stadium Concessions-2

GEODIS Park brings the flavors of Nashville to the pitch.

We’re highlighting our local concession partners that you can find on any Nashville SC matchday at GEODIS Park. For this edition, we spoke with Sean “Big Daddy” Porter of Daddy’s Dogs. You can find Daddy’s Dogs outside Sections 123 and 103 at GEODIS Park.

Tell us about your restaurant, how long you’ve been operating, and where our fans can find you outside GEODIS Park  

Daddy’s Dogs has been feeding the people of Nashville our hot dogs since 2015. You can find us all over the city and on the streets. Our brick and mortar locations are in The Nations and Printer’s Alley. 

What does it mean to you to be a part of GEODIS Park?  

We love it! The atmosphere is electric and it’s the place to be. We are very grateful to be here! 

Different cities have claimed to be able to make the best hot dog (Chicago, Cincinnati, etc.). What sets Daddy’s Dogs apart?  

EVERYTHING! Our dogs are bigger and tastier than all those other places. We pride ourselves on the entire Daddy’s Dogs experience. From our fresh baked buns and generous and unique flavors, we’re putting Nashville on the hot dog map. We might not have been around as long, but ours are just far superior.

Your social media stardom has grown a lot this year. What has that celebrity status been like?  

 Let’s just say I’m enjoying it... 😎