Daisha McBride DJ

Music City is home to a wide range of talented artists of all genres who are ready to make their mark. This month, we’re highlighting up-and-coming rap artist Daisha McBride, also known as “The Rap Girl."

Born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, Daisha is out to show that there is more to Nashville than just country music. She wants to see the hip-hop genre grow in the community, and says she loves feeling “different” as she pursues a career in Music City.

Here’s her advice to any other rap artists who are chasing their dream: “Sometimes you may feel that you don’t have the correct resources here, but you just have to look. Network and do as many shows as you can, even if you’re the only rap artist on the bill.”

Daisha also grew up playing soccer and says that “see(ing) a professional team plant roots in Nashville gives hope and motivation to other local kids like myself. It shows that there is a professional level that you could reach if you continue to work hard and practice.”

She released an EP in October called “Hail of a Year” and is planning on releasing a new single soon. You can keep up with all of Daisha’s music and performances at @The_RapGirl on all social media channels.

Daisha McBride: The Rap Girl

Music Genre: Rap
Favorite all-time player: Lionel Messi
Favorite NSC player: Walker Zimmerman
Best sports memory: Earning an assist for a buzzer-beater half-court shot
Most influential artist: Missy Elliot
Favorite artist: Drake
Dream music collaboration: J Cole
Favorite Nashville venue: Mercy Lounge
Social handle: @The_RapGirl
Newest album: EP “Hail Of A Year” released in October 2020