Sammy Arriaga

Nashville is synonymous with country music, but few know that its culture spreads far beyond the traditional twangy genre. Sammy Arriaga is an up and coming country artist of Cuban descent. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Sammy moved to Nashville to pursue his dream of becoming a Hispanic representative in country music. He’s encouraged by the industry’s push for diversity. 

Sammy is also helping country music reach new audiences on TikTok. He’s part of a creator house of local Country music artists called The 615 House. The account has over 500k followers and is fast approaching 5 million total likes. The artists in the house collaborate for duets, contests and games while showing the diverse talent that Nashville has to offer. 

In addition to music, Sammy is passionate about soccer. He was first introduced to the game at 16 years old by neighbors who were from Marseille, France, and immediately fell in love with the sport. His favorite soccer memory is seeing Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi develop as a player from start to finish and become the elite player he is today. Sammy is excited for soccer to be growing in the United States and loves how Nashville is helping to grow the sport.

Sammy recently released a new song title “Something We Can Dance To” along with an official video. It’s easy to hear Sammy’s Cuban flair on all streaming platforms, but be warned, be ready to move your hips to this new upbeat country sound. You can keep up with Sammy on Instagram

@sammyarriaga and visit for a list of his upcoming shows.

Sammy in a Snapshot

Music Genre:

Favorite NSC Player: Hany Mukhtar
Favorite All-time Player: Steven Gerrard
Most Influential Artist: John Mayer & Keith Urban
Current Favorite Artist: John Mayer
Dream Music Collaboration: Camila Cabello
Favorite Nashville Pop Venue: The Listening Room Cafe
Social Handle: @sammyarriaga
New Music: “Something You Can Dance To” found on all streaming platforms