Black History Month Staff Profiles: TaKyra Wright 

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Throughout Black History Month, we’re chatting with the Black members of our staff about their experiences in the sports industry, how they got to where they are today, and what Black History Month means to them. 

First up is TaKyra Wright.  

What is your role with Nashville SC?

I am the Talent Acquisition Specialist. My job is to go out into the community and spread the word about all the jobs that Nashville SC has to offer, from front office positions to event day positions at our stadium, GEODIS Park. I get to attend various career fairs and networking events where I can meet and interact with some of the great people in the Nashville community.

Tell us about your career path. What led you to join Nashville SC? 

After receiving my master’s degree from MTSU, I started at Nashville SC as the administrative assistant in 2021. I was promoted to Talent Acquisition Specialist, my current role, in February 2022.

Why is representation so important, particularly in the sports industry? 

Representation is important because it builds a connection and a sense of belonging. Sports is such a male-dominated field and it’s rare to see someone who looks like me in the industry. My hope is that I can be the one that another Black woman can identify and connect with and say, “She’s working in the sports industry. I can do it, too.”

In your role in talent acquisition, how important is it to bring in employees from diverse backgrounds to the club? 

Having people from diverse backgrounds always creates a learning opportunity. We all see things from a different perspective that was mostly likely shaped because of our backgrounds and where we come from. You never know what you could learn from the person you work with every day.

Who were some of your role models in the industry? What did you learn from them? 

Nicole Lynn is the first name that comes to mind when I think of role models in the sports industry. She’s the first Black female sports agent to represent a top-three NFL Draft pick and a quarterback in the Super Bowl. Her journey has shown me the true value of hard work, preparation, and advocating for yourself.

What does the club’s “Everyone N” motto mean to you? 

“Everyone N” to me that we all play an important role in making Nashville SC successful whether it’s on the field, in the community, or the front office.

What does Black History Month mean to you?  

Black History Month to me will always serve as a reminder of trials and tribulations my ancestors endured, as well as a time to celebrate how far we have come and the contributions my people and culture have made to society. We are some of the most innovative and creative people in the world and I am proud to honor the legacy of those who came before me.