Mike Floss, a local Nashville artist, is looking to be “undeniable” in the music industry.

Mike knows that many people believe that you have to move to Los Angeles or New York in order to be successful in the music industry. He says he doesn’t buy that.

“I think a lot of people move away from home thinking that’s the fast route to success,” he said. “But in reality, I believe that’s an illusion unless you have a team and situation set up before you get there.”

Instead, Mike believes that artists need to respect the environment they are in. Then, he believes they must look to make themselves so respected they can then break out of hometown conversations into national— or even global— conversations.

Mike says that being from Nashville, he didn’t have to make that decision. His hometown’s music scene “chose him.” He loves the opportunities happening in Nashville for hip hop artists.

“I don’t think there’s been a more talented or exciting time for our community than right now,” he said.

He says that having a Major League Soccer team in Nashville adds to that excitement. Mike sees opportunities to connect the sounds of Nashville’s music industry with MLS through live performances, DJ sets, and other live events for musicians to connect with fans of Nashville SC.

Mike grew up a multi-sport athlete, playing basketball and running track. He says he is happy to see MLS come to Nashville and believes the team will bring incredible energy and “new vibes” to the city. He says he is looking forward to supporting Nashville SC and appreciates the high stakes of every goal in a match.

You can find Mike on social media @mikeflossmusic or on his website,