Let the countdown begin! It is almost time for you to get N and select your 2022 season tickets for the new Nashville SC stadium. All 2021 Season Ticket Members should have received their priority appointment date and time by email as well as a postcard. Below is a step-by-step guide to walk you through the online seat selection process. Click here to watch an instructional video on the process.

Please reach out to your member services representative if you have any questions or call 615-750-8800.

Step One

Sign into your Account Manager.


Step Two

Your seat selection window will appear. The countdown indicates how long until you can select your season tickets.

Upon your seat selection window starting the countdown will change to reflect how long you have to select until your selection window closes.

Please click "Select Now" below the countdown.


Step Three

Select “Pick Seats Here” and then select "Next."


Step Four

Here you will find the seating map where you will now be able to select your seats.

Be sure to edit number of seats you would like to select in the upper left-hand corner (it will default to your current number of seats). This will allow you to select the seats you want fastest.

Please note that if you would like to only see 100 level seating (necessary for selecting ADA) please use the functions underneath “Select Your Level."


Step Five

After selecting your seats you will see the expected viewpoint from that seating location. If those are the seats you wish to purchase please select "Add to Cart" on the right hand side of your screen.


Step Six

In the cart screen you will select "Checkout."


Step Seven

Deliver method will be mobile. Select "Continue" and then select your payment plan option. Your options are monthly or pay in full. Please note that for monthly the first charge will occur upon finalizing your selection and then the next payment will occur 9/1.

Confirm the card on file is accurate, and then accept terms and conditions

*If you have remaining credit on your account please check the "Apply Credits" box for it to go towards your payment.


Step Eight

Congratulations on successfully selecting your seats. We’re excited to have your support moving forward!