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Player's Diary at IMG: Bradley Bourgeois

By Nashville SC, 02/08/19, 9:15AM EST


Thursday recap

While Nashville Soccer Club is in preseason training camp at IMG Academy, is keeping a “Player’s Diary” that features a different player recapping his day. The entries are posted the following morning.

Today, we feature defender Bradley Bourgeois writing about Wednesday.

The key to a great team not only comes from what you do on the field, but what happens when you step off.  Whether that is going to the beach, in the villas playing cards or laying by the pool trying to get rid of that miserable tan line. These things are all done as bonding moments. What better way to bond than to stick 6 people in a villa and have them live together for a week, to sit down and get to know each other on a personal level. To have a laugh and a joke for common ground. To beat someone in cards and take their money. To talk trash and see how someone responds to bounce back. To pick a veterans brain and see what a healthy lifestyle looks like. All of these opportunities are chances for us to grow as individuals. When you get the chance to not only learn about someone’s story, but get to experience and make new memories together. 

THAT is what makes a team better, what will push them over the edge, what will endure in tough times and what sometimes makes friendships that last forever. A great example is Matt Pickens and Kosuke Kimura. When you see Pickens, you see Kosuke. When one says something, the other has his back. Two peas in a pod. Why? Because like Pickens says” we have been through battles together and I love the guy."

We value those friendships we make and throughout this year it will be times like this week that really brings a team closer. The bonding of teammates and personalities naturally form, all coming from different backgrounds, which is the most amazing thing about this sport we play. It's how it brings us all together.