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Postgame Quotes from Nashville SC vs. Louisville City

By Nashville SC, 05/14/18, 3:15PM EDT


Check out what Gary Smith, Lebo Moloto and Michael Reed had to say after the win on Sunday

Nashville SC head coach Gary Smith

(On Nashville SC converting goals)

“I think goals in general. We’ve created chances. We've performed well. But we haven't clinched the deal in one game. I looked at the performance and a couple of things jump out. Obviously, we’ve scored two goals at home, bearing in mind we’ve only played here twice. In the main, I think we look very compact and difficult to play against, for the other team to create chances. For the first time today, I’ve think you’ve seen against one of the teams on the top side, if not the top side, under very difficult conditions, some serious character in this group. They’re a top side and James [O’Connor] is a top guy too. I’m absolutely delighted that we beat them. But, there’s a lot for the guys to take away from this one. I think this is the first time we have shown the ruthlessness to be a winner.”

(On the individual performances of the game)

“I was delighted with the way the back four played. We missed Alan today, but in an attacking sense, a dimension was added to the game, which we saw again when he came on. But Matt LaGrassa did a fabulous job out wide on the right. But there will be occasions, certain individuals will get the job done. It shows spirit in the group. Maybe Ropapa’s [Mensah] performance in the first half was as bright as I’ve have seen of him. He was a problem for the players. I’ve gone around the team, and it shows that it was a very good team performance.”

Nashville SC forward Lebo Moloto

(On what was different in this game from the first time they played Louisville)

“Uh, we scored two goals. We won the game. But also, I feel like I think we’ve come a long way. Had a couple of conversation with Michael Reed this week and one of the things that he said was ‘hey, we’re not a new team anymore.’ So, I think everyone’s realized that we’re not a new team. We’re a team that’s here to challenge for the number one spot, you know? I think we’ve come a long way from that first game to where we are today.”

(On if it’s a relief to finally score some goals)

“It is. It is. I was just hoping like ‘man, today is the day.’ I just needed to get one goal, even if we’re playing against Louisville or whoever. I just needed that first goal. I was lucky enough to get the second goal.”

Nashville SC captain Michael Reed

(On second goal with Reed’s assist on Moloto’s finish)

“I think the buildup was more instrumental than the actual final product. Starting in the middle, showed them the pocket, little bit of loose ball, kept moving going nice and actually raised his hand up to give a shout. Obviously, he was open and the ball wasn’t actually that good of a ball. He did most of the work I’d say. So, the final product was everything in it and we were good enough to get the second goal.”

(On getting shutouts consistently)

“It’s one of the hardest things to do besides scoring goals, so the fact that we were able to do both today kind of should be a testament to what kind of a team we are, especially at home.”