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Player's Perspective: Robin Shroot on Mother's Day

By Robin Shroot, 05/10/18, 10:45AM EDT


Why we should celebrate our mothers not just on this day, but EVERY DAY

Nashville SC forward Robin Shroot contributes the first post of "Player's Perspective" on what his mom meant to his soccer career as we approach Mother's Day.

It goes without saying, that without our mums, we would obviously not be here. On this planet, we wake up to see every day, and to give our all to achieve what we want. However, when we look at our lives, the positions we are in, the jobs we have, the friends we have, our outlooks we have on life, we were explicitly shaped by the bonds we formed with our mothers from the moment we breathed that fresh hospital air for the first time.

Through childhood and adolescence, our personalities continually took on multiple forms and our directions in life changed day after day. One thing that was constant throughout was our mothers love for us - similar for the love we have for soccer - that unconditional, always in your heart, type of love. 

The biggest gratitude I have for my mother is the fact she, regardless of her worries, concerns and wisdom beyond my youthful years, allowed herself to focus on my dreams rather than her worries, which I imagine must be impossible at times as a human being. She supported me to carry on searching for the answers to take me closer to my dreams when there were no obvious answers. 

She showed so much blind faith in me, and ultimately, the biggest way I can repay her today is by giving 110% to every single day. I want her to see that I have the same genuine desire and love for the game as I did when she was encouraging me to chase my dreams well into the night. Without her undying faith and support when there was no clear path ahead for me, I would never have had a career in pro soccer. 

She was there watching games, sacrificing genuine family time every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for 42 weeks of the year. She was there years upon end, never complaining, selflessly allowing me to follow my dream. 

But the emotional sacrifice she made, seeing her son go through heartbreak after heartbreak and still be standing strong to this day and living my dream...well, that is impossible for me to understand. For that reason, without her, I never would have been able to call myself a professional soccer player and live my dream every day. 

To all mothers - whatever form they come in, we love you, and a heartfelt THANK YOU!