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Declare "Our Town. Our Club." In Six Different Languages

By Isabel Futral, 10/29/17, 11:30AM EDT


Nashville SC embraces international fans with new multi-lingual stickers. 

The state of Tennessee is home to one of the fastest-growing immigrant populations in the U.S., including the largest Kurdish community in the country. As part of a town that speaks many languages, Nashville SC strives to be a club that embraces all cultures and their various languages. 

“We are building a club that will represent Nashville globally in the World’s Game.  We understand that honor carries with it the responsibility to unify Music City’s diverse communities.  There are so many Nashvillians that love our sport and we want to make sure that when we say ‘Our Town. Our Club.’ we can say it together with our diverse fan base.” said Court Jeske, CEO of Nashville SC and former vice-President of International Business for MLS.

In keeping with this goal, Nashville SC created a new collection of bumper stickers available in the six major languages used throughout middle Tennessee. Current options for the stickers besides English and Spanish are Arabic, Kurdish, Somali, and Vietnamese, allowing fans from many backgrounds to declare their support for Nashville SC saying "Our Town. Our Club." in their native language. 

Soccer is the most widely-watched sport in the world, with billions tuning in to watch leagues across all borders. At the heart of Nashville SC is the mission to unify fans of all cultures to enjoy the beautiful game. 

Nashville SC introduced these multi-lingual bumper stickers at Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival in Centennial Park. Celebrate Nashville is a yearly event that celebrates the city's growing diversity with performances, art, vendors and local organizations dedicated to inclusivity and cultural heritage.

Nashville SC was proud to be included in the celebration as representatives of soccer's international significance. The festivities included pick-up games of soccer and distribution of new stickers to international fans. 

Be sure to look for the Nashville SC at future community events around Nashville to grab an "Our Town. Our Club." bumper sticker in a language that is special to you. You can also swing by our front office and store at 2300 Charlotte Avenue to pick one up on weekdays during business hours of 9 AM to 5 PM.

Pro soccer is coming to Nashville in March 2018. Follow NSC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on the journey towards our inaugural season. 

h/t: NewsChannel 5 WTVF