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Meet the Fans: Marcus

By Nashville SC, 07/10/19, 2:30PM EDT


Marcus is an owner of the club, but chooses to sit in the supporters section

NASHVILLE – As an entrepreneur, Marcus knows a good investment when he sees one.

That’s why he got involved as a board member of Nashville Soccer Club from its days as an amateur supporter-owned club all the way through its jump into the professional ranks. He’s seen the impact soccer has had on the community and how it has brought families together, including his own family.

“My kids are my primary reason for wanting to be a part of Nashville Soccer Club,” he said. “I wanted something that I could do with them that would engage them in the rest of the city and also educate them about a game that would teach them about the entire world. Soccer is the biggest sport in the entire world. You can learn about the world through the eyes of the game as you start to learn about teams from all around the world and the international competition, the World Cup. It was really all about my kids.”

At Nashville SC matches at First Tennessee Park, Marcus has the opportunity to sit in a suite with the other owners of the club, stocked with all of the food, drinks and amenities one could want while sitting down to watch a match. However, Marcus chooses a much different vantage point on matchday, and that traces back to the club’s roots as a supporter-owned club.

“I choose to be in the supporters section standing, not sitting, because I’m a supporter,” Marcus said. “That’s how I came to this club as a supporter, and I want to remain a supporter forever. The vantage point is incredible, the energy is fantastic, singing the songs is the best. It’s the unique thing about watching a soccer match. You don’t get that in any other sport in the world. It’s always a great privilege to be able to go down with the supporters and watch the game from there.”

In a way, Marcus has seen his kids grow up with the club, and they are now moving on to college and beyond. With Nashville SC hitting the big time in MLS in 2020, Marcus is excited that the club will remain a big part of their relationship.

“I’m so thrilled that they love soccer, that they love Nashville Soccer Club, that they’re supporters of Nashville Soccer Club. My boys are 20 and 18, my oldest son is now a Marine and my youngest son is getting ready to go off to college. But because our games are on TV, we’ll be able to watch them together and support together. It’ll be a way for us to connect and stay connected as they continue to grow.”

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