Tailgating Policies

All GEODIS Park paved lots allow tailgating. Because of the limited parking space around GEODIS Park, tailgating is permitted only directly behind a patron’s vehicle and is subject to GEODIS Park rules. Management reserves the right to limit or restrict tailgating.

The following tailgating guidelines apply for all events:

Do not block parking access.

Use bins and trash receptacles.

Vehicles may not obstruct the roadway.

Patrons may use televisions, radios, and other music-playing devices in and directly behind the parking space in which the patron’s vehicle is parked, at a reasonable volume, so long as they do not interfere with any other fan’s enjoyment of the tailgating or event experience.

Tent staking is prohibited. All tents must be broken down and stored prior to event entry.

Only Gas grills are permitted. Charcoal grills are prohibited.

Grilling is only permitted in paved lots. No grilling should take place in grass lots.

Gas Grill Safety Rules

Type: Portable grills only

Surface: Set your grill on a level fireproof surface within your designated parking area. Grilling is only permitted on paved lots.

Location: Always use your grill at a safe distance from motor vehicles, tailgating fans, flammable and combustible materials.

Setup: Set up your grill in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Open the Lid: Before turning on the gas and lighting the grill, always open the lid to prevent an explosion from gas build-up.

Gas: Check for gas leaks. If you detect a leak, immediately turn off the gas and do not attempt to light until leak is fixed.

Ignition: If a burner does not ignite or a burner goes out during operation, turn off gas and wait five minutes before trying to light.

Gas Supply Valve: Always shut off or close valve when cooking is complete or when grill is not in use.

Children: Do not leave a hot grill unattended and keep children away at all times.

Trash: Please dispose of trash in proper receptacles.

Entries: Do not block.

Fire Protection: Keep an approved fire extinguisher accessible.

Tailgating Rules